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  • The ACE Family
    The ACE FamilyMiesiąc temu

    ACE FAMILYYYYYYYYY!!! Hi, love you and hope you're having a great day! For those who are trying to purchase a ticket to the event ; Site is crashing due to high amount of traffic!!!!! keep loading!! Hope you make it out! If you want to attend meet n greet make sure to get correct ticket❤️ love you!!!!! Catherine ❤️❤️

  • Life With Chells Mariee

    Life With Chells Mariee

    6 dni temu

    Hi, I’m trying to have a fundraiser for my son who has Intractable Clonis-Tonic Epilepsy, please follow me @ Chells Mariee on Facebook and share his post or donate to his fundraiser if your able to so we can get him a Seizure Alert Dog. He really needs it so he can gain some self independence as he grows and to have some security during all his dr apt, school and even simply being able to go outside to play. Thank you in advance! I also reached out to you on Instagram pls take the time to read it 🙏🏼 god bless you and have a wonderful day ♥️

  • Lewziyah Bias

    Lewziyah Bias

    7 dni temu


  • Saige Williams

    Saige Williams

    8 dni temu

    I love you so kuch

  • the Ace lovers

    the Ace lovers

    16 dni temu

    I am Young but I still love you so much

  • Miss Kaina

    Miss Kaina

    16 dni temu

    @Project BJ so nice!! All I know is from what they said on the video is that it will happen during the weigh-ins. Other than that, I believe the confirmation email said we’d receive an email with exact details either the day before or couple days before, so I’m sure they’ll send an email soon 😊❤️✨

  • Camila Caetano
    Camila Caetano45 minut temu


  • Linc Foskett
    Linc Foskett12 godzin temu

    When they say the stadium is big, I be thinking have they seen there house? There house is legit as big as that stadium

  • JDDK Tech
    JDDK Tech14 godzin temu

    we are on side of austin mcbroom the op man'

  • Bina Patel
    Bina PatelDzień temu

    Team PLwhite all the way bro

  • ismael a
    ismael aDzień temu

    I’m on the aceeeee familyyyy team

  • Ant No cap
    Ant No cap2 dni temu

    Yessir Miami Florida da best

  • Mercedes Velez
    Mercedes Velez2 dni temu

    4:44 dat my new beat right there

  • Curly Head
    Curly Head3 dni temu

    We all knew Austin was going to win 🤣

  • Olivia Valenti
    Olivia Valenti3 dni temu


  • Delvin Rojas
    Delvin Rojas5 dni temu

    I live in Miami ahhh so happy so much celebrities coming to Miami for fight.

  • Mohamed Illiyas
    Mohamed Illiyas5 dni temu

    I am in austin side

  • Angeles Zepeda
    Angeles Zepeda5 dni temu

    I am on 1% on hall said and on mcbrooom side 99%

  • Kimberly Hinson
    Kimberly Hinson5 dni temu

    team youtube

  • Marianna Sophia Daal
    Marianna Sophia Daal5 dni temu


  • Missy330
    Missy3305 dni temu

    I’m on Austin side

  • Emma Hughes
    Emma Hughes5 dni temu

    Team you tube I love y’all’s vids so much

  • SiSi Credell
    SiSi Credell5 dni temu


  • Jacqueline Conde
    Jacqueline Conde5 dni temu

    Be back tomorrow

  • Kevien Holly
    Kevien Holly6 dni temu

    She got arm what Ackerman can y'all friend me on roblox it is youngdyd_55

  • GurglecoucH !
    GurglecoucH !6 dni temu

    On the ace familiiiiii 😊😉🥳

  • Notorious wweelsl
    Notorious wweelsl6 dni temu


  • Raul Trujillo
    Raul Trujillo6 dni temu

    I am on Team PLwhite

  • joy115
    joy1157 dni temu

    He is just so goofy

  • the Ace lovers
    the Ace lovers7 dni temu

    Im on the youtuders

  • Justin Lemus
    Justin Lemus7 dni temu


  • Bella Bryan
    Bella Bryan8 dni temu

    Austin is cheating on you @monimaney watch her tiktoks hey I just want to do an act of kindness I don't know if you already know this but you deserve better !

  • Bella Bryan
    Bella Bryan8 dni temu

    Austin is cheating on you @monimaney watch her tiktoks hey I just want to do an act of kindness I don't know if you already know this but you deserve better !

  • Bella Bryan
    Bella Bryan8 dni temu

    Austin is cheating on you @monimaney watch her tiktoks hey I just want to do an act of kindness I don't know if you already know this but you deserve better !

  • Raksha Pandey
    Raksha Pandey8 dni temu

    I hope catherine could dress properly at least outside

  • Bunny_hoop Roblox siblings
    Bunny_hoop Roblox siblings8 dni temu

    I’m in you tube side because your in the you tubers

  • •rosiesroses•🌹
    •rosiesroses•🌹8 dni temu

    Broooooo the fight was on my bday damn my bday had so many events going on

  • Dashka Jeanty
    Dashka Jeanty8 dni temu


  • I B W
    I B W8 dni temu

    U can tell that they learn while they're at home because both Alaia and Elle talk REALLY well‼️ props to Catherine

  • The Mauk Fam
    The Mauk Fam9 dni temu

    Ok but this is not moving to Miami, they’re taking a short trip there

  • chloe fisher
    chloe fisher9 dni temu

    team yt u did amazing i wish i could meet u all someday u all seem so sweet and congrats by the way u did amazing he really thought he could knock u out LOL

  • Gaelle Konian
    Gaelle Konian9 dni temu

    Oh someone’s about to get beat up

  • Shalena Campos
    Shalena Campos9 dni temu

    I was on your siad

  • Hey it bri
    Hey it bri9 dni temu

    PLwhite for life you really said bye Bryce hell congratulations you won for PLwhite

  • hilda meza
    hilda meza10 dni temu

    Y’all went broke?

  • Gisselle
    Gisselle10 dni temu

    Hi is family everybody from the east family is in your family hi hello am

  • Glossgodess_cosmetics
    Glossgodess_cosmetics10 dni temu

    Yayyyyyy i live in miami

  • Julian Jude
    Julian Jude10 dni temu

    Steel can go but not the girls what??

  • Timarion Smith
    Timarion Smith10 dni temu


  • Raees Muhammad
    Raees Muhammad11 dni temu


  • suzanne brewer
    suzanne brewer11 dni temu

    Your teem

  • Alvin Benitez
    Alvin Benitez11 dni temu

    Team Austin everyday

  • Kosi Okonkwo
    Kosi Okonkwo11 dni temu

    you can do it austin and yes i have done it

  • Odida Oscar
    Odida Oscar11 dni temu

    Your the best family

  • Bella Mendivel
    Bella Mendivel11 dni temu

    Go dodgers and lakers

  • Tebogo Motsatsi Kubyane
    Tebogo Motsatsi Kubyane11 dni temu

    No hate but I feel like Bryce Hall should have won

  • Erica Paul
    Erica Paul11 dni temu

    Austin “ and don’t beat Elle up “ made me laugh but it is also mean

  • Faze Ninja parham
    Faze Ninja parham12 dni temu

    Wining the fight

  • kaltham Jamal
    kaltham Jamal12 dni temu

    I'm side mcbroom

  • Maliyah Gang
    Maliyah Gang12 dni temu

    And Austin you can do anything you put your mind to. ❤️🤍

  • Maliyah Gang
    Maliyah Gang12 dni temu

    I’m on Austin side Austin will win !!!!!! 🤍💕

  • Lina
    Lina12 dni temu

    Nahhhh stay where yall are with your messy selves!

  • Thy Nguyen
    Thy Nguyen12 dni temu

    The fight is today and I’m for sure on austin side

  • Seloch Inderdeo
    Seloch Inderdeo12 dni temu

    He gonna beat his but 《BRYCE GONNA LOSE》

  • Queen nyny Nyny queen
    Queen nyny Nyny queen12 dni temu

    Today is the 12th ehhhhhhhggh AHHHHHHHHHHH I can’t wait

  • Seloch Inderdeo

    Seloch Inderdeo

    12 dni temu

    True he gonna beat his but

  • queen korina
    queen korina13 dni temu

    i go for austing im on austin side

  • Kaylina Garcia
    Kaylina Garcia14 dni temu

    Does the ticket from them include the weigh in ?

  • Adrian Allen

    Adrian Allen

    14 dni temu

    But idk what time

  • Adrian Allen

    Adrian Allen

    14 dni temu


  • Kaylina Garcia

    Kaylina Garcia

    14 dni temu

    And what time is the meet and greet

  • ●KawaiiWorld●
    ●KawaiiWorld●14 dni temu

    Your side ofc x

  • Benita Avdiu
    Benita Avdiu14 dni temu


  • Xkygaming
    Xkygaming14 dni temu

    Bryce hall but big ddg fan

  • savage gamer dude
    savage gamer dude15 dni temu

    Bro stfu that’s why you fake your shit and try to jump ricky

  • Jacob Hamid
    Jacob Hamid15 dni temu

    Team Austin let’s go

  • Daadaa Robert
    Daadaa Robert15 dni temu

    Sheeeeshhh is getting real!!🥳🥳 team AUSTIN all the way!!🥳🥳✊✊ BRYCE HALL ain't 💩.... RESPECTFULLY😝

  • Toby The Tortoise
    Toby The Tortoise16 dni temu

    🧢 🤡

  • Yaretzi Leon
    Yaretzi Leon16 dni temu

    team Austin mcbroom!

  • Just j.c xX 2412
    Just j.c xX 241216 dni temu


  • Sumayya Chamlal
    Sumayya Chamlal16 dni temu

    i died when austin said to Allaia ´ and dont beat elle up' hahahaha

  • paulina zambrano
    paulina zambrano17 dni temu

    Its time to head to mia- oh sh*t i almost fell 💀😭😭

  • Mariah Ginn
    Mariah Ginn17 dni temu

    Team Austin 💪🏼

  • angel pickett
    angel pickett17 dni temu

    Love you guys ❣️❣️

  • Kashlynn c softball 🥎
    Kashlynn c softball 🥎18 dni temu

    PLwhite all the way

  • Sherryl Ilahi
    Sherryl Ilahi18 dni temu

    Team austin mcbroom team ace yeahhhhhhdjbdjdbdid

  • Melissa Moonchild
    Melissa Moonchild19 dni temu

    wow imagine if you did something charitable for humanity with all the wealth you don't deserve. you people are actually disgusting

  • sardness -ul
    sardness -ul19 dni temu

    You guys are sooooPURE

  • jc
    jc19 dni temu

    How the actual fck did they ho to Miami without going to see pit bull

  • Rabie Merheb
    Rabie Merheb20 dni temu


  • Courtney Morse
    Courtney Morse21 dzień temu

    Ace family duh I love them

  • Ephraim Erdollo
    Ephraim Erdollo21 dzień temu

    This i LOVE SO MUCH. The kids r so loving and funny and Catherine,Austins and there children's personalitys r just nice

  • Montessa leyva Cuico
    Montessa leyva Cuico21 dzień temu

    all a fucking lie!!! toxic family

  • Swishking16
    Swishking1622 dni temu

    Does anyone know how they are in Miami but there newest video is Elle’s birthday party in la

  • Maggie Joash
    Maggie Joash22 dni temu

    Don't like Bryce hall

  • Maggie Joash
    Maggie Joash22 dni temu

    Mc broom side

    EILEEN SERRANO-SOSA22 dni temu


  • Lina Foux
    Lina Foux22 dni temu

    Hello girls and boys is soy cioute

  • Jahid Boks
    Jahid Boks23 dni temu

    when you said whats going on everybodys is so cringie i got criged lmao

  • Breanna Romero
    Breanna Romero23 dni temu

    Austin: “you need to get along wit Elle , and you don’t beat her up ok” me and my brothers when my dad leaves the house 🤚🏼😭

  • Iyana Person
    Iyana Person23 dni temu

    Aka Austin

  • Iyana Person
    Iyana Person23 dni temu

    I am side you tubers

  • chantal muhawenimana
    chantal muhawenimana23 dni temu


  • James
    James23 dni temu

    God bless you

  • Laisa SOVAU
    Laisa SOVAU24 dni temu

    Austin is for sure gonna win out of Bryce and Austin no offence Bryce

  • Abraham gaming
    Abraham gaming24 dni temu


  • Shifa Shahine
    Shifa Shahine24 dni temu

    Loved the video

  • Wolfpack gacha life last girl;-;
    Wolfpack gacha life last girl;-;24 dni temu

    Love you guys sooo much your funny to

  • Wolfpack gacha life last girl;-;
    Wolfpack gacha life last girl;-;24 dni temu

    ACE family lo